Certification & Exams

The C. Ped (C) certification process involves two exams – a written exam and a practical exam. Both exams are considered to be at a university level of difficulty. The written and practical exams are held on separate dates, approximately two months apart. Both the written and the practical exams are marked based on a set MPL (Minimum Performance Level) for the exam. Marks will be given as pass or fail as there is no percentage grade. More information on the MPL system.

The written exam is a prerequisite to the practical exam; therefore, a candidate must successfully pass the written exam before becoming eligible for the practical exam. After three failures on the written exam, the candidate must re-qualify by gaining the required experience hours, depending on guideline followed when applying for examination, before being granted another three attempts.

Upon passing the written exam, the candidate has two years to successfully complete the practical exam. A candidate who does not attempt the practical exam within two years of passing the written exam will be required to re-write the written exam. After three failures of the practical exam, the candidate must re- qualify by gaining the required experience hours, depending on guideline followed when applying for examination, and then beginning the full certification process once again.

A candidate is permitted three attempts at each exam (i.e. 3 attempts at written, then 3 attempts at practical) over a five-year period. After a maximum of three unsuccessful attempts at each exam, or the passing of five years, a candidate must re-qualify and restart the certification process.

C. Ped (C) – Written Exam – 3 hours

1. 150 multiple choice questions – anatomy, biomechanics/gait analysis, medical conditions & disease, assessment, footwear, orthotic manufacturing, practice management and ethics.

2. A listing of examinable content for this section can be found in the “Exam Content” section of the application (page 14).

C. Ped (C) – Practical Exam – 1.5 hours

1) The Certified Pedorthist (Canada) practical exam involves six sections:

  1. Assessment: History, Non-weight Bearing Evaluation & Range of Motion testing (15 Minutes)
  2. Assessment: Postural Evaluation, Gait Analysis & Special Testing (15 Minutes)
  3. Assessment: Conclusions, Patient Education & Treatment Plan (15 Minutes)
  4. Orthotic Treatment Plan & Fabrication Process (15 Minutes)
  5. Casting (15 Minutes)
  6. Footwear Fitting (15 Minutes)

2) Candidates must achieve passing grade of 70% for the overall examination with no individual section having a grade of less than 65%

A thorough explanation of each section of the practical exam will be provided to candidates upon successful completion of the written exam.

Note: All practical exams are videotaped for marking and appeal purposes.

C. Ped MC Exam

The C. Ped MC exam is scheduled as required.. C. Ped MC – Exam Application Form is available upon request

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