Scope of Practice

Pedorthists and their Designations

A pedorthist is an individual who is trained in the manufacturing, fitting and
modification of foot appliances and footwear to assist in:

  • Alleviating painful or debilitating conditions of the lower limb.
  • Accommodation of foot deformities.
  • Re-alignment of anatomical structures.
  • Redistribution of external and internal forces.
  • Improvement of balance.
  • Control of biomechanical function.
  • Accommodation of circulatory special requirements.
  • Enhancement of the actions of limbs compromised as a result of accident, congenital deformity, neural condition, or disease.

C. Ped (C) – Certified Pedorthist Canada

These practitioners provide:

  • Assessment through observation of surface anatomy and palpation of the lower limb,
  • gait analysis, range-of-motion testing, footwear analysis and review of potentially complicating health factors;
  • Casting, manufacturing, fitting and adjusting foot orthoses;
  • Fitting and modifying standard and orthopaedic footwear;
  • Accommodating/incorporating complementary devices including various over the counter (OTC) products such as compression therapy, dorsiflexion night splints, below knee walkers, ankle braces, drop foot braces, and toe splints; and,
  • Casting, measuring, fitting and adjusting custom footwear and Subtalar Control Foot Orthoses*(SCFO’s).

*Subtalar-Control Foot Orthosis (SCFO):  a lower extremity orthosis designed to manage the function of the anatomy distal to the ankle.  The proximal length of a SCFO does not extend beyond the musculotendinous junction of the gastrocnemius and the calcaneal (Achilles) tendon.  A SCFO is a method of treatment of conditions related to the foot demanding additional leverage to control forces.

C. Ped MC – Certified Pedorthic Master Craftsman

The highest level of certification available. A clinical pedorthists and custom shoemakers who provide:

  • All of the skills listed for a C. Ped (C).
  • Manufacturing custom orthopaedic footwear – including:
  • Measuring, casting and making original shoe lasts;
  • Designing and making upper patterns;
  • Manufacturing fitting model of shoes; and,
  • Lasting and finishing of custom shoes.

C. Ped Tech (C) – Certified Pedorthic Technician Canada

These practitioners provide:

  • Shoe fitting;
  • Shoe modification and orthotic fabrication (from laboratory prescriptions provided by foot care professionals with the scope of practice to assess);
  • Orthotic fabrication;
  • Shoe modifications;
  • May perform duties of a clinical pedorthist under the direct supervision of a Canadian Certified Pedorthist. See the supervisory statement for further details;
  • A C. Ped Tech (C) cannot independently manage patients.

COFS- Certified Orthopaedic Footwear Specialist

This is a closed membership category. Historically, COFS members were one of the founding groups that merged to create the Pedorthic Association of Canada. Recognizing the contribution COFS members have made to the pedorthic profession, The CPC verified their competency and has added the COFS category.

These practitioners provide:

  • Assessment for orthotics and custom footwear.
  • Casting and measuring for custom footwear.
  • manufacturing of custom orthopaedic footwear, including:
  • measuring, casting and making original shoe lasts;
  • designing and making upper patterns;
  • manufacturing fitting models of shoes;
  • lasting and finishing of custom shoes;
  • Casting, manufacturing, fitting and adjusting of orthoses;
  • Fitting and modifying standard and orthopaedic footwear; and,
  • Accommodating/incorporating complementary assistive devices.