College of Pedorthics of Canada

Our Mission.

The College of Pedorthics of Canada is the recognized body for regulation and the principal advocate for patient safety, professional standing, and integrity of Canadian Certified Pedorthists.

We ensure that our certified registrants are accountable to high standards of practice through our certification process, the monitoring of continued education and the enforcement of ethical conduct.

COVID-19 Recommendation for The College of Pedorthic of Canada Members

The College of Pedorthics of Canada (CPC) supports the safe practice of Certified Pedorthist (Canada) (C. Ped (C)), Certified Pedorthist Master Craftsman (C. Ped MC), Certified Orthopaedic Footwear Specialist (COFS), and Certified Pedorthic Technician (C. Ped Tech (C)) while adhering to your provincial guidelines.

CPC members must refer to their provincial guidelines (specific to healthcare professionals if applicable) first for best business practices and guidelines for business operations.

Across the country, mask mandates are changing. Therefore, wearing masks indoors in public places may not be required in many provinces. While the CPC recommends that members wear a mask while performing close contact services with patients, the board also believes it is important that we respect the choices of people, businesses and one another so long as choices made do not contradict local and provincial guidelines.

If you have any questions, do not hesitate to contact us.





Geoff Powell
Executive Director & Registrar

Western University

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