These workbooks will help learners to review and practice various concepts, theories and constructs that are fundamental to applying critical thinking skills during your pedorthic practicum and/or skill-building to help prepare for the certification exam. Please download and print out the PDF files for each workbook and complete the exercises as desired. Bring the workbooks to your practicum as required. Make notes directly on the pages and keep as a study guide to reference while developing your skills.

Please note that each of these workbooks are protected under the International Creative Commons license of Non-Commercial, No Derivatives 4.0.

Workbook1-CoverStudy Guide Workbook 1

Pedorthic Foundations

Workbook 1 focuses on key concepts that help to develop best practices of anatomy, biomechanics and assessment strategies in a professional pedorthic setting. Download PDF.

Workbook2-Pathomechanics-CoverStudy Guide Workbook 2

Pathomechanics, Conditions & Diseases

This workbook focuses on various techniques and processes that can help assess the pathomechanics of populations seen by pedorthists in order to inform decision making when developing patient treatment options. Download PDF.

Study Guide Workbook 3

Pedorthic Treatment – Footwear 

In this workbook, learners will evaluate footwear features and various considerations around choosing appropriate shoe modifications for patients with various limb conditions and foot deformities along with using best practices for shoe fitting procedures. Topics surrounding footwear inventory management and ethical considerations will also be covered. Download PDF.

Workbook4-Orthotic-TheoryStudy Guide Workbook 4

Orthotic Theory

This workbook will help learners to work through various concepts, theories and constructs that are fundamental to applying critical thinking and problem solving skills to pedorthic treatment. You can use this workbook as a basic structure to discuss with your mentor and ask questions during a workplace apprenticeship or practicum. Work through the various exercises and case studies to help prepare you for the certification exam. Download PDF.

Workbook5-Pathomechanics-CoverStudy Guide Workbook 5

Treatment Plans & Protocols

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This workbook will help you to identify, gather and synthesize critical information from a patient assessment to guide the design, implementation and continuous adaptation of a treatment plan to treat a pathology while considering other patient needs. Download PDF.


The five workbooks have been created by a stellar team of subject matter experts (SMEs). We’d like to thank our SMEs for their invaluable contributions, expertise and dedication towards the development of these essential educational resources:

  • Workbook 1: Jennifer Gould, C. Ped Tech (C), C. Ped (C)
  • Workbook 2: Jordanna Jones, C. Ped (C)
  • Workbook 3 : Linda Deschamps, C. Ped (C)
  • Workbook 4: Brian Stoodley, C. Ped Tech (C), C. Ped (C)
  • Workbook 5: Kathleen Klement, C. Ped (C)
  • Instructional Designer: Maris Chisholm, M.Ed.T
  • Content Validator: Lisa Irish, C. Ped (C)