Insurers: What You Need to Know

The College of Pedorthics of Canada (CPC) is a national body that exists to ensure all patients across Canada receive safe, competent and ethical Pedorthic care from a Canadian Certified Pedorthist with the designation C. Ped (C).

We ensure that our certified registrants are accountable to high standards of practice through our certification process, the monitoring of continued education and the enforcement of ethical conduct.

The CPC is continuously dedicated to focusing on the requirements & competencies of a C. Ped (C). The Scope of Practice is the ‘overview’ and the C. Ped (C) Competencies are ‘detailed view’ of what C. Ped (C)’s do. Please navigate the links below to learn more:

Scope of Practice
C. Ped (C) Competencies
Continuing Education

To verify if an individual is an active Registrant (member) in good standing with the CPC, use our Find-A-Pedorthist tool. If you can’t find the individual you are looking for, please email to confirm yes or no.

• Find-A-Pedorthist

The CPC has created standards for C. Ped (C)’s to follow in their pedorthic practice. These standards are, first and foremost, tools designed to help professionals assess their practice relative to the expectations of peers, colleagues and the profession as a whole. The standards are performance baselines against which professionals may be measured if any part of their pedorthic practice is called into question.

Standards of Clinical Practice
Standards of Business Practice
• Standards of Professional Practice
Standards of Supervision
Code of Ethics

The CPC is charged with the responsibility of protecting the public through the investigation of allegations of misconduct committed by a registrant and to discipline registrants accordingly. The CPC Complaints and Discipline Process is subject to the By-Laws of the CPC. If there is any discrepancy between the below process and the By-Laws, the By-Laws will take precedence.

Insurers are encouraged to contact the CPC if you have any questions or concerns related to a C. Ped (C). Please navigate the drop-down boxes below for more information on complaints & discipline.

Click HERE to navigate to the Complaints & Discipline page.

Please contact us if you would like to share information regarding the practice of a Canadian Certified Pedorthist in Canada. If you believe a C. Ped (C) is not following the standards and practicing unethically it is important to inform us so we can follow up as required.

If you have questions regarding the investigations process, or would like to share a tip, please contact:

The College of Pedorthics of Canada
(T): 866.819.4354

Click HERE to file a complaint online against a CPC registrant.


No, the CPC does not require a referral to see a C. Ped (C) for an assessment or to dispense most products, including custom made orthotics.

Yes, the CPC’s Standards of Business Practice outlines the invoice and billing requirements for C. Ped (C)’s.

All Pedorthist’s who are Registrants in good standing with the CPC can be found on our website using the find a Pedorthist Tool. If you cannot find the Pedorthist you are looking for, please contact the CPC at