The C. Ped (C) certification process involves two exams – a written exam and a clinical exam. Both exams are at a university level of difficulty. The written exams are held 4 times a year and take place online. Candidates must achieve a passing grade of 75% on the written exam to pass. Candidates DO NOT need to pass the written exam to be eligible to challenge the clinical exam.

The clinical exam is held twice a year in-person in the spring and fall. The fall exam sitting is held in both Toronto and Vancouver. The spring exam is held in one location – either Vancouver OR Toronto, whichever location has the highest number of candidates. Candidates must achieve a passing grade of 70% for the overall examination, with no section having a grade of less than 65%. Note: All clinical exams are videotaped for marking and appeal purposes.

A candidate is permitted three attempts at each exam (i.e. 3 attempts at the written and 3 attempts at the clinical) over a 3-year period.

Further information regarding exam content can be found in the Exam Information Handbook.

Exam Information Handbook

Download PDF.

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