Welcome to The College of Pedorthics of Canada (CPC) Registrant page! The CPC refers to their membership as Registrants. This change was enacted in early 2023. There are several Registrant categories that are listed below:

  • Registrant: Any CPC certified individual (C. Ped (C), C. Ped Tech (C), COFS, or C. Ped MC)
  • Certified Applicant: A pedorthic candidate who is registered to challenge a CPC exam
  • Candidate Member*: A pedorthic candidate who is not yet registered to challenge a CPC exam

*New member category. To learn more, please contact the CPC office at info@cpedcs.ca or your Western University Pedorthic Instructor.

On Leave Status
CPC Registrants are eligible to apply for On-Leave status. A Registrant may choose to go On-Leave for a variety of reasons. Click the button below to download the CPC On-Leave Status application form. All completed forms can be submitted to the CPC office by emailing info@cpedcs.ca.

Volunteer with the CPC!

CPC Registrants are encouraged to become involved on one of many CPC committees. Earn CEP points, build community and be a part of advancing the profession.